Product Description

Belguard EHG (2-Ethyl hexyl glycerine) is a multifunctional cosmetic additive with excellent skin care properties. It is effective against odor causing gram positive bacteria & enhances the efficacy of traditional preservatives. It acts as excellent moisturizer & improves skin feel of cosmetic formulations. It also helps to reduce the surface tension between the various liquids and oils in beauty products. it is one of the most commonly used ingredients in skincare products.


Product Name Ethylhexyl glycerin
CAS No. 70445-33-9
EINECS No. 408-080-2
Chemical Name 3-(2-Ethylhexyloxy) propane-1, 2-diol
Chemical Formula C 11 H 24 O3
Molecular Weight 204.306.
Synonyms Octoxyglycerin, 2-Ethylhexylglycerine, Microcare
Structure Ethylhexyl glycerin

Technical Data

Description Parameter
Appearance Clear colourless Liquid
Odour Mild Characteristic odour
APHA 30 Max
Assay by GC Min.98%
Density at 200° Deg C 0.95 – 0.97
Refractive Index at 200° Deg C 1.449-1.453


Skin care additive and deodorant active 0.3 - 1.0%. It has been used in the application of Wet Wipes (concentration 0.3- 1.0%), Leave on formulations (concentration 0.3 – o.1%) and Deodorants (concentration 0.3 -1.0%).


Store in a cool dry area. Protect it from the extreme heat conditions.

Expiry Date

Two years from the date of manufacturing.


220 kg, 50 kg , 30 kg HDPE drums or HDPE carboy.