Product Description

Sodium perborate monohydrate is a white, free-flowing, crystalline powder that dissolves readily in water and produces an alkaline solution with oxidative properties. When mixed with water sodium perborate reacts releasing hydrogen peroxide. High stability is an exclusive property to this compound. The hydrogen peroxide formed by this reaction effectively kills microbes.


Product Name Perboric acid, sodium salt, Monohydrate
Synonyms Sodium peroxyborate, sodium peroxoborate
CAS No. 10332-33-9
Chemical Formula NaBO3.H2O
Molecular Weight 99.83 g/mole

Technical Data

Parameter Units Standard Specifications
Active Oxygen, % Min. 15.0
Bulk Density, g/L 500 - 650
Particle size distribution
on 0.85 mm DIN
through 0.15 mm DIN


≤ 03.0
≤ 10.0
Appearance White granular solid, free-flowing


Sodium Perborate monohydrate is a famous oxygen bleach agent. It offers many of the functional benefits as liquid hydrogen peroxide in a stable solid form. Its oxidative power improves the cleaning, bleaching, stain removal and deodorizing performance of powder detergent formulations, all fabric dry bleaches, denture cleaners, automatic dishwasher detergents and various institutional and industrial laundry products.


Store in a cool, well ventilated area away from all source of ignition and out of direct sunlight.Store in a dry location away from heat. Store at temperatures less than 40°C.


25 kg bags, 500 kg big bags.