Shea butter Manufacturer

Belguard Shea butter is a refined material with color varying from creamy white to pale yellow fat obtained from crude shea butter Manufacturer which are imported from West Africa. Shea butter is a natural plant based oil that is solid at ambient temperature.

Shea butter is Triglyceride fat made up of predominantly Stearic and Oleic fatty acids, apart from other fatty acid like Palmitic, Linolenic and Arachidic acids. The percentage of saturated fatty acid is around 46% and that of unsaturated is around 53%.

Stearic acid in the Shea butter is responsible for the texture and melting characteristic and useful applications in the Confectionary industry. Cocoa butter Equivalent (CBE) and Cocoa butter Substitute (CBS) from Shea Stearin. Shea Olein or Oleic acid has tremendous emollient properties and widely used in the Cosmetics for the manufacture of Hair and Skin Care products.

It is an excellent ointment base mainly used in cosmetic industry .It has high content of unsaponifiable matter which enhances in improving skin texture. Shea butter is an excellent skin conditioning agent with good spreadability & non oily skin feel . It is widely used in cosmetic industry for skin care, hair care products & in medicinal ointments.

Shea butter is derived from the fats of the Shea fruit and it is the ultimate goodness your skin and hair can get. It is rich in vitamins A, E and F and is off-white to ivory in colour. It has a smooth consistency making it easy to spread on your skin. It is very good for collagen building, UV protection and the nutrients your body needs for nourishment. The high amount of fatty acid it contains makes it the perfect choice for smooth and soft skin. It also has many anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It is used in many countries to sooth/condition the skin and improves skin colour/texture.


Product Name Shea Butter
CAS No. 91080-23-8 / 194043-92-0
EINECS No. 293-515-7
INCI Name Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) Butter

Technical Data

Description Parameter
Appearance Creamy white to pale yellow.
Odour Mild Characteristic
Free Fatty Acid w/w Max1%
Moisture Content w/w 0.5 % Max
Unsaponifiable matter w/w 4-10 %
Melting point Deg C 29°C - 50°C
Saponification Value, Mg KOH /gm 165-190
Iodine Value, gJ2/100gm 45-65
Density at 40° Deg C 0.89-0.93
Peroxide value, Meq/O2/kg 10.0 Max
Refracive Index at 44° Deg C 1.462-1.485


Its recommended usage level is application dependant. Balms (5-100%), Bar soaps (3-6%), Lotions and Creams (3-5%) and Hair conditioners (2-5%)


Store in a cool dark place away from natural sunlight.

Expiry Date

Two year from the date of manufacturing.


Available in 22 Kg in PPCP Pails.