Sodium Percarbonate Manufacturer

We are the Manufacturer of Sodium Percarbonate and it is a solid, environmentally friendly and highly stable bleaching agent, which combines the properties of hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate and provides an excellent bleaching and oxidizing performance as well as alkalinity. One of the remarkable features of spray granulated Sodium Percarbonate is its excellent storage stability, which is achieved by a sophisticated production process with a highly efficient coating.


Appearance White, odourless, free-flowing salt
Characterization Addition compound of soda ash (Na2CO3) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
Formula Na2CO3*1.5 H2O2
Molecular mass 157.03 g/mol
pH 10g/l; 25°C 10.5
Water solubility, g/l 140

Technical Data

Parameter Unit Specification limits
Active Oxygen % ≥13.0
Bulk density g/l 900 - 1200
Particle size
>1400 μm
< 150 μm


≤ 10
≤ 5
TAM value (48h at 40°C) μW/g ≤ 10
Moisture (IR; 60°C;) % ≤ 0.5


Sodium Percarbonate is used as a bleaching and oxidizing component in laundry powders and tablets, automatic dishwashing detergents, bleach boosters and denture cleaning agents. Due to its high bulk density, the product is ideally suited for compact formulations. Outside detergent applications it can be used as a source of alkaline hydrogen peroxide, for example, in fish farming, as an oxidizing agent in the textile industry or as a foaming agent (source of gaseous oxygen).


Store in cool, dry conditions in well sealed receptacles.

Shelf Life

One Year from the date of manufacturing.


1000kg big bags, PE-lined 25kg paper bags.