We at Belchem believe in putting the needs and requirements of our customers before our own. The customer-centric attitude and impeccable after-sales services come naturally to us since it is hardwired in the core business policy of our firm. It is one of the many reasons why we were successful in gaining a lot of grounds in terms of popularity in a short span of time. We are manufacturers and distributors of high-quality, popular active ingredients that are staple for the personal care and grooming industry. Our product range consists of the following compounds:

We have laid special emphasis when it comes to developing the Research and Development wing of our firm as we know that the aforementioned compounds are critical for industries that are associated with the manufacturing of products catering to the following niche:

Belchem took its humble steps back in the year 1986 under the leadership of a few visionaries and technocrats who had varied business interests. All of the administrators at Belchem belong from different sectors of the industry, namely:
industrial hardware, chemicals additives, essential oils, fragrances and, flavours

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is equipped with the latest equipment and necessary infrastructure. We have all the equipment a chemical additive manufacturing firm needs to carry out sophisticated processes in-house without partnering up with third parties. Our manufacturing unit has machinery and equipment capable of carrying out the following processes in a seamless manner Fridel crafts, Condensation, Sulfonation, epoxidation etc.

A company, irrespective of its sector and its USPs cannot thrive in the long run if it is not serious about its quality control policies. We at Belchem take pride in the fact that every member of our company takes QA very seriously. It is one of the many reasons why we can readily challenge our rival organizations with our products in terms of industrial readiness and quality.