The manufacturing facility is provided with all basic infrastructure facilities to carry out all sophisticated reactions like Fridel crafts , condensation, Sulfonation, epoxidation etc..The site is also equipped to handle high vacuum distillation using a combination of water cum multiple steam ejectors.

Plants & Equipment at the Manufacturing Unit

Glass Lined and Stainless Steel Reactors of all sizes ranging from 500 Ltrs to 6000 Ltrs. equipped with high vacuum distillation facilities and all types of utilities from -10 degress centigrade to 300 degrees centigrade.
All types of filtration equipments such as Filter Press, Centrifuges, Neutsche Systems.
Rotary Vaccum Dryers of various capacities along with efficient solvent recovery systems.
Micronizers to deliver products with fine particle sizes of upto 3 microns.
Evaporators and short path distillation systems.