It is the policy of Belchem Industries ( India ) Pvt. Ltd to Manufacture & Supply of Speciality Chemicals for use in personal care & Home care Formulations.Our products always meet our business objectives and customer requirements, based on the following:

  • The requirements of our customers are collected effectively to ensure that Belchem is capable of achieving customer expectations,
  • The requirements of all interested parties are clearly understood so that our products can be delivered in a timely and professional manner,
  • All processes employed by Belchem to deliver products are determined, resourced appropriately, documented, monitored and measured to ensure conformance to:
    • Customer requirements
    • Business objectives, and
    • Any applicable industry regulations and legislation
  • All Belchem employees are competent in their area of work by way of academic Qualification , training as well as experience.
  • Effective mechanisms are in place to monitor and measure customer satisfaction so that Belchem achieves its commitment to continual Improvement.

To apply this policy, Belchem has established a Quality Management System (QMS) in line with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. The QMS is an integral part of our process management and the organization is dedicated to its continual improvement.


We at the Belchem lndustries (lndia)Pvt.Ltd. are committed to demonstrate occupational health & safety performance of the organization through Continual improvement in our operations related to our products & services.

Focus on prevention of pollution , injury & ill health complying with All applicable environmental, occupational health & safety legislation & other requirements.

We are committed to protect the environment by conservation of resources & reduction in waste, Reduction in solvent losses using enclosed systems , Modification in plant machineries, Rain water harvesting ,solvent recycling ,minimizing packaging waste.

BELCHEM INDUSTRIES (I) Committed to policy of equal employment opportunity and does not discriminate in any terms. Educating & motivating our employees by helping them to improve abilities by relevant internal & external training programs .

Conflict of interest Policy

Belchem Industries (India) Pvt ltd respects their client’s Business Activities, their Business goals and their interests. Belchem or their representative will neither influence nor get influenced by any decision that conflicts with the interest of their Business Partners.

Similarly Belchem anticipates that their Employees, their vendors or any other group connected with Belchem’s business activity will not indulge in any acts that are detrimental to the Business objectives / ethics of Belchem as an organisation.

Belchem will implement their policy as a key point in their contractual agreement with both clients as well as with their Vendors. In case of Employees it will be clearly mentioned in their contractual agreement prior to joining the organisation so that the Employees are clear about their company policy and their Business goals and objectives.

Belchem maintains a Suggestion Box at plants as well as at the Corporate office. The policy is clearly spelt out to people by way of training programme and their suggestion are evaluated and action are immediately taken by the concerned department in consultation with management.


The policy sets out Belchem policy for dealing with bribery and corruption or suspected bribery and corruption. Employees are informed that when dealing with third parties, Belchem has a Zero tolerance approach to Bribery and will not directly or indirectly offer, pay, seek or accept such payment, gifts or favour to improperly influence a business outcome.

All gifts, payments or any other contribution whether in cash or kind shall be documented in line with the requirements of gifts. Sponsorship or Hospitality policy will be regularly reviewed and properly accounted for. Record retention and archival policy must be consistent with accounting standards, tax and other applicable laws and regulations.


Belchem endeavours to provide a conducive working environment that is characterised by Equality and Respect for all caste, creed, religion & gender. The company will not permit use of Forced or child labour in their business activity whether directly or indirectly.

Belchem will not employ children that falls in to the definition as stipulated by International Labour Organisation (ILO) convention notwithstanding any natural or local regulations.

We do not employ any person under the age of 18 years and the Policy is clearly communicated to all the employees especially Personnel and Security Departments. The Policy is also clearly informed to Labour contractors and in case of breach of the Policy, their contract agreement will get terminated.