Product Description

BELGUARD DMDM 2000 is improved antimicrobial preservative. It contains ultralow free formaldehyde in its range resulting in reduced regulatory issues. It is used in the cosmetic industry & found in products like shampoos, hair gels, lubricants, skin care & personal care products.


Product Name Belguard DMDMH 2000
CAS No. 6440-58-0
EINECS No. 229-222-8
Chemical Name 1-3 Dimethylol – 5,5-Dimethyl Hydantoin
Chemical Formula C 7 H 12 N 2 O 4
Molecular Weight 188.18.

Physical Properties

Description Parameter
Appearance Clear, Colorless, free from foreign material
Odour Matches with standard.
Colour (APHA) Max 10.0
Total Formaldehyde w/w ~18%
Free Formaldehydew/w <0.1%
Water Content w/w
(Karl Fisher)%
pH of solution on as such basis @ 27± 0.20C 6.5 – 7.5


Compatible with anionic, cationic & non ionic system. Suitable for wide pH range 3-10

Use Concentration

As preservative up to a maximum concentration of 0.6%.


Store in tightly closed containers in dry conditions.

Expiry Date

1 year from the date of manufacturing.


250 kg HPDE drums / 35 kg Carboy /1000 kg IBC.